iDitch Gig Services

On-Demand Gigs


The On-Demand iDitch Gig services can be Booked by Clients From 10 Minutes after the Gig is activated (present time) to 3 hours after the Gig is Activated…..On-Demand Gigs cannot be scheduled past 3 hours after the Gig is activated.

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Schedule Appointment Gigs


Schedule Appointment Gigs are scheduled by the Client to be performed by the Artisan From 3 hours after the Gig is activated to 3 Days after the activation of the Gig by the Client………This Gig cannot be scheduled past 3 days after activation.

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Destination Gigs


Destination Gigs are Booked by the Client beginning from 30 Days after the activation of the Gig to 120 Days before Professional Gig Services are Performed.

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Gift Cards

The gift of iDitch e-Gift Card
The iDitch e-gift cards for iDitch Professional Beautification and Men’s Grooming Services and iDitch Accessories. Give the gift that keeps giving, Add a touch of joy to a special someone’s day when you give them the gift of an iDitch e-Gift Card. Delivered directly to the recipients e mail. Re-invent Your Lifestyles, Embrace Change….



Do not be just another job for the beauty salon.Who said only the rich and elite are entitled to a personal beauty treatment? Why should you be treated just like any other client at the Barber Shop or Grooming salon. We at iDitch believe that you are special and deserve a personalized treatment by our thoroughly vetted, professional and experienced Artisans who will dedicate every minute to you from the time they arrive until the time they leave your premise.

Enjoy a 5-star treatment from Our professional Artisans giving you a platinum treatment service that will have the world looking at you with new eyes. Just tap on the app and request the services that you want. Our Hassle free patentedautomated system ensures that you continue basking in the aftermath of the iDitch exquisite services without worrying about anything.
Embrace Change, Re-invent Your Lifestyles….iDitch

iDitch Technologies Inc.
The iDitch Technologies Inc, parent company of the iDitch App is a patented start up company based in NYC, USA. We are a one-stop portal providing Connective Confirmation User Interface for On-Demand Gigs, Scheduled Appointment Gigs and Destination Gigs for Beautification and Men’s grooming Professional Services. We connect Vetted Professional Artisans to Clients…RE-INVENT YOUR LIFESTYLE,…EMBRACE CHANGE.


The iDitch App provides an on-demand patented confirmation user interface community platform, connecting vetted Professional Artisans with approved Clients. Embrace Change, Reinvent Your Lifestyle... iDitch


Great News, the iDitch App can now be used by iDitch User members everywhere in all States of the continental United States of America, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, The British Virgin Islands, and Canada…

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What our Artisans say

Susan a part-time makeup artist and a part-time student, experimented on her little sister as she grew older and used her as a canvas in practicing makeup.

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I am Susan, here is my iDitch story

Clients Review

Ok, I am not one that usually gives reviews on anything, I get my services or products and make sure that it is of great quality and I am done….

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