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She relaxed in her apartment at the upper west side, in Manhattan. NYC, hands akimbo, pondering what would be her look for tonight. It was a rainy Friday night, late in November, why is it raining so hard outside, she asks herself aloud, peaking through the window… it was her best friends birthday celebrations and she made a promise she must keep…how could she have her make up and hair done before her friends arrived, a style that could withstand this weather.
Hair salons were closed for the night, it was 11.05pm, she was beginning to feel restless, when she checked her phone just to browse through, hopping on all her social media profiles, on her social media accounts….
There,… Alas,.. she stumbled on an advertisement of the iDitch App,.. it was like an answer from above that fell right on her lap… she downloaded the iDitch App, installed it,…
And here she is dancing the night away, our iDitch Artisans came to her rescue, at the very moment she needed some tender loving Beauty Care…

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Embrace Change….Re-invent Your Lifestyle.

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