About iDitch

iDitch Technologies Inc.

The iDitch Technologies Inc, the parent company of the iDitch App is a
patented start up company based in NYC, USA. We are a one-stop portal
providing Connective Confirmation User Interface for On-Demand Gigs,
Scheduled Appointment Gigs and Destination Gigs for Beautification and
Men’s grooming Professional Services. We connect Vetted Professional
Artisans to Clients…

The iDitch platform is a System and method of dynamically providing a
platform for On-Demand, Scheduled Appointment, and Destination Gigs.
Our Artisans perform Gigs 24/7.
The iDitch Platform generates Gigs for Professional Beautification and
Men’s Grooming Services using a map interface, while dynamically
providing positioning information of an Artisan in transit to a portable
computing device. The iDitch Platform provides transitioning user interface
features for three different levels of Beautification and men’s grooming
Professional Gigs Services, through the use of portable computing devices.

Our platform
We provide a summary or receipts for Beautification and
men’s grooming Professional Gigs Services rendered, through the use
of portable computing devices.

Gigs Performed on the iDitch Platform.

On-Demand Gigs…..Gigs Booked From 10 Min or (present time) to 3
hours Before Professional Gig Services is rendered….
Schedule Appointment Gigs……Gigs Booked From 3 hours to 3
Days before Professional Gig Services is rendered…..
Destination Gigs……..Gigs Booked from 30 Days to 120 Days (or beyond) prior to Gig Services being renders…