Artisan Insurance

Artisan Insurance

All iDitch registered Artisans MUST posses an independent contractors insurance, or Professional Liability insurance. When the Artisan is in the process of registration, the Artisan is required to submit a copy of his/her insurance information.
The insurance documentation must be valid on the day of registration, and must have a six month duration period ahead of it,before it elapses.

All iDitch Registered Artisans MUST posses a VALID GENERAL CONTRACTORS INSURANCE POLICY, at all times while registered on our platform…
As a contractor on the iDitch Platform, you provide services to your clients all day long, unforeseen eventualities May occur, and without a valid general contractors insurance policy, or Professional Liability Insurance then the Artisan is left to pay for the mishaps out of pocket.

What kind of insurance is best for an iDitch Artisan?

iDitch Artisans can be sued by Clients, – even if you have done nothing wrong. Anything from a bad haircut or dye job, to actual physical damage to the client or alleged damage to the clients property leaves you vulnerable to a liability lawsuit. Your best solution is to protect yourself with a GENERAL CONTRACTORS INSURANCE, or PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE.

What is General Liability Insurance (GL)?

Often also referred to as Business Liability Insurance or Commercial General Liability Insurance, these insurance policies protect your you and your independent business against a wide variety of issues you may face. If someone is injured, or if property is damaged, while you’re working on a Gig via the iDitch platform, your liability insurance policy is there to cover the costs of reparations.
General Liability Insurance is critical for any independent Artisan providing professional Gig services under the iDitch umbrella platform, because even a single accident could turn into a lawsuit from which you simply could not recover on your own. Liability insurance is the safety net that you can rely on to go about your daily Gig servicing duties without the fear of paying unplanned out of pocket expenses or your assets in the event of an accident or a mishap.

What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

GL (General Liability) insurance covers all of the operations of your independent business while being registered under the iDitch umbrella platform. There are many facets of General Liability Insurance that are specifically catered to independent business owners like you.

The General Liability insurance that an iDitch Artisan MUST POSSES at all times is the OPERATIONS COVERAGE INSURANCE.
In addition, General Liability Insurance also includes:
Comprehensive General Liability to protect your finances in case of lawsuits or claims.
Property Damage Coverage for any damage to property for which you’re liable.
Bodily Injury Coverage for any injuries sustained for which you’re liable, and their related medical expenses.

If you are unsure in regards to whether you are an independent contractor doing Gigs on the iDitch Platform or if you are an Employee of iDitch, kindly read the iDitch User Member Agreement.

To ALL Artisans, do contact your local insurance agents, and enquire on how to secure a General Liability Insurance and what the secured insurance covers…

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