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In today’s society, every one of us has this expectation to look presentable every single minute we step outside, especially when we have someone important or new to meet. Some of us, unbeknownst to us opt for the heavy makeup to cover up those facial skin discoloration, bumps, pimples, freckles and marks that we all have, while others keep it […]

How to Avoid 5 Mistakes that Men often make with their hair

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BY:- Michael Sanders……Entrepreneur, Certified iDitch Artisan From shaving the temple points to trying to cut his own hair, taking matters into your own hands can sometimes result in disaster (or at least leave you looking silly before you request an iDitch Artisan on the iDitch App platform. Here are five tips for avoiding the most common mistakes men […]

How to be On Time For Gigs Making Sure That Lateness and No-Shows Are not a Blemish on Your iDitch Tier Ratings.

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BY: Grace Nelson (iDitch associate freelance contributor) As an independent professional service provider, you should aim to be very reliable towards your clients in respect to appointments and time, Artisans who arrive on time for Gigs stand a better chance of referrals and second or multiple call backs. Your business is your life, as if you […]

10 Ingredients in Beauty Products You

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Must Know About Temitope ADE MD.(Dermatologist, Medical writer extraordinaire iDitch) Highlights Top ingredients of the season that every beauty aficionado needs to know Elastin is a protein found in any elastic connective tissue in the body AHAs are best for normal-to-dry or sun-damaged skin As we enter the new year, it is time to give your […]