Corporate Events

Corporate Events

iDitch Corporate event is specifically designed for corporate men and women who want professional advice on how to look amazing during work hours. More fun than hard work, we at the iDitch provides you the initiative of sophisticated nine-to-five beautification and men’s grooming services right at the top of your fingertips, in a way that is useful for busy professionals like you.

For less than an hour the highly professional and experienced Artisans from iDitch will impart their valuable skills and professional knowledge assisting you look your best during your break time or we could organize a program whereby we could arrive and teach you and your colleagues the secrets of how to groom to perfection for a work place, beauty and men’s grooming tips that would outlast your busy schedule at work. Bring your own makeup bag along for hands on advice on how to perfectly apply your own favorite products to realize their full potentials From flawless foundation to perfect office eyes, iDitch will have your employees and colleagues looking amazing and excited about another day in the office…we promise!

You can now impress your clients by having iDItch stand at your next corporate event. iDItch Makeup artisans will be there to do makeup and hairstyling touchups for your clients. This is great for any business / corporate event.


Here are some useful lessons and services for you by iDitch

        A) Would you like to know how to create that professional makeup look that is

suitable for the corporate environment?

        B) Does your company need help creating a fresh new professional image? It is

important to look your very best at work, looking goods and well presented at work

can enhance productivity on the job.

Looking your very best can also affect your attitude positively on the clock, and by having the right look, that can make all the difference towards increase in revenue. Let the iDitch team show you step by step on how to create a beautiful and masculine day time professional look that anyone can do in a small amount of time. iDitch beautification and men’s grooming is a quick and reliable service, right at the tip of your finger tips. Allow our Artisans come to you wherever you may be located, workplace or home.

We provide beauty and men’s grooming services to suit your needs including group corporate beauty and men’s grooming lessons, or one on one corporate consultations. Download the iDitch App now to find out more information!!You have a corporate function coming up and you’ve invested your money in buying that ideal outfit to help create the image you need to portray… but what about your makeup, hair, manicure and pedicure.

Wouldn’t it be great to have that perfect hair ‘salon’ finish to accompany your dress or suit? Maybe not just for you, but your whole team also! But, let’s be honest, booking a salon appointment that’s close by, that fits in with your busy schedule and within your tight time frame is near impossible.

Advantages of choosing iDitch

  • We would come to you at the time you require and at the location of your choice. Our elite team of fully qualified hairdressers & makeup artists will come to your place – meaning you can relax and enjoy yourself while they create the look you want.
  • Give you access to years’ experience, specializing in makeup and hair preparations for corporate events and functions.We’re passionate about producing a perfect and balanced look for your important occasion.
  • Help you by planning in detail the look and style you want to achieve –making sure you present exactly how you imagined either individually or as a large group.

So with iDitch you get professional hairstylists, barbers, men’s groomers and makeup artists who work with you to create your ideal image for your corporate occasion.

What to expect

Your Artisan will provide beauty services for individuals and group settings, discuss in detail with your Artisans on what embellishments would be needed first when you chat initially and then also on arrival.

How to prepare

All we require is good lighting and a comfy seat for you. Please ensure you have access to electricity at close proximity and access to water for your hair if per adventure, it may need to be washed wet or dry.


Why not have one of our iDitch Professional Corporate Artisans Stylists conduct a tailored presentation to educate and excite your staff with relevance to your firms kind of corporate look that is appropriate for your workplace and reflective of your corporate branding and values?

“Corporates” as we refer to them here, can often find themselves in a rut pertaining to their looks…monotony drags in, wearing of the same boring make up, hair don’ts, with little time for embellishments. Think of it like “Beauty and men’s grooming groundhog day”.

Our team of expert Artisans at iDitch will advise and educate your staff on everything beauty and men’s Grooming at the work place. Looks that enhances productivity is what our Artisans are specialized in, looks that are relative to the current season and appropriate for the work place.

Within a styling session, our stylists can speak to attendees about everything and anything regarding beautification and men’s grooming for the work place adding essential information to enhance the style to your beauty and men’s grooming regimen- creating an affordable capsule corporate look that makes you glow beyond compare. Creating many looks from just a few key pieces just by mixing and matching the right options as well as covering topics such as being shopping savvy on a budget for beauty and men’s grooming products.

iDitch Artisans usually works behind the scenes at corporate events, fashion shows and trade shows.. Makeup and hair styling for both men and women are important to most of the companies making sure their speakers look their best in front of an image conscious public in this days of HD on our TVs and large audiences on social media ready to critique and sometimes uplift….We at iDitch are here to assist you find a solution to ALL YOUR CORPORATE BEAUTY AND MEN’S GROOMING PROBLEMS.