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iDitch Gigs

iDitch Technologies Inc.

On-Demand Gigs


The On-Demand iDitch Gig services can be Booked by Clients From 10 Minutes after the Gig is activated (present time) to 3 hours after the Gig is Activated…..On-Demand Gigs cannot be scheduled past 3 hours after the Gig is activated.

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iDitch Technologies Inc.

Schedule Appointment Gigs


Schedule Appointment Gigs are scheduled by the Client to be performed by the Artisan From 3 hours after the Gig is activated to 3 Days after the activation of the Gig by the Client………This Gig cannot be scheduled past 3 days after activation.

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What our users say

Ok, I am not one that usually gives reviews on anything, I get my services or products and make sure that it is of great quality and I am done….

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iDitch Technologies Inc.

She was professional, asked me what I wanted even after we had decided over video and text chat. The Gig started and she took her time as she worked her craft, and as you can see on the profile pic, she did a marvelous work. She finished way before the allotted set time that we both decided it could have taken for her to finish the Gig.
I looked in the mirror and I was beyond pleased with the work she did, she finished and we both closed the Gig and I thanked her for a Gig well done.
I tipped her a good amount, we shook hands and she was on her way,. Now the reason I am writing this is that the iDitch company has gone way beyond my expectations to build an App that has the Client’s interest foremost.
Oh, and lest I forget, while the Gig was going on, the Artisan kept getting reminders on her phone intermittently, say once every 30 minutes to remind her that she was still on the time framework allowed for the Gig to be finished.
I honestly love this iDitch App, and I would definitely use their services again and again and again.


SOHO iDitch

My name is GraceAnna, my iDitch story

Ok, I am not one that usually gives reviews on anything, I get my services or products and make sure that it is of great quality and I am done….
But, this time around, I noticed something totally different, I used the iDitch App as one of the first people that were contacted to use the App for their initial procedural testing, and I downloaded the App on my android phone. Days later when I needed a makeup , I registered and I was amazed at the way iDitch places emphasis on the well being and satisfaction of the Client…. this iDitch App
I reside in the SOHO in New York City, the “city”as a New Yorker would say. Registration was seamless and fun. When I finally was logged into the App I had the choice of selecting Artisans that were either 3 or 5 or 7 miles radius away from me. I chose the 3 mile radius distance and immediately after that I could see countless of Artisans that were in and around a 3 mile radius away from my present location. it was interesting, I played around with the App, clicking on different Artisans and chatting with them, and I found out that once I clicked on an Artisan whose scissors sh-owed up as the color black on my phone and we amicably decided not to do any gigs together, the Artisans”scissors” shows up as “green color” meaning that I had chatted with him already. It was exhilarating, anyhow I finally got an Artisan who was pleasing to me, we chatted on text chat and at a point I decided we needed to chat on video, to show her what I really wanted her to do for me. The Artisan was easy to talk to, and we concluded on a pricing for the Gig (job).
It took her less than 20 minutes to get to me, I had informed the doorman at my building that she was coming over, I saw her on my phone as she approached my location and we confirmed each other’s confirmation numbers. She arrived with a beautiful smile on her face, wearing her iDitch sweater, with the word iDitch embossed on it..

iDitch Technologies Inc.

Susan a part-time makeup artist and a part-time student, experimented on her little sister as she grew older and used her as a canvas in practicing makeup.

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iDitch Technologies Inc.
I am Susan, here is my iDitch story