For clients Remain Safe

Remain Safe while Serviced by iDitch Artisans.

For the safety of iDitch customers, we do an extensive vetting of all iDitch Service Artisans, while our app is built with utmost safety of both our clients and artisans in mind. There are few procedures a client should follow to ensure their safety.
A) Make Plans ahead. Before you click on the iDitch app, even though gigs could be impromptu sometimes, make sure that your gig location [indoor/outdoor] is secure and well lit, if the gig would be at night, request service Artisan to enter location through a well lit area. For night services, have another adult present.
B) When Requesting iDitch Service Artisan, Avoid unnecessary at location banter. Make sure the understanding reached at the time gig was activated, is adhered to and fulfilled. iDitch Service Artisan is on the clock. Keep that in mind.
C) Ensure that gig location, and work area is clean, in readiness of the iDitch service Artisan.
D) Protect your personal belongings and information. Do not share your personal information with the iDitch Service Artisan.
Remove your valuable personal belongings to a safe area, before arrival of iDitch Artisan.
E) Make sure that all service tools used by iDitch Service artisans are sterilized or out of the pack new.
F) Click “Share Status” ETC button (Estimated time to COMPLETE) to share the estimated time to complete detail with friends and family. The information would show the Service artisans estimated time to complete the gig, the artisans picture, and name.
G) Be polite and courteous with iDitch Service Artisan. Respect, civility and kindness goes a long way to make a successful gig.
H) Trust your instincts and use your best judgement when you have an iDitch service Artisan in your abode. Follow your intuition, If you feel you are in danger, press the panic button on your app, and the police would be at your location in no time. Or call the police with your phone.

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