In today’s society, every one of us has this expectation to look presentable every single minute we step outside, especially when we have someone important or new to meet. Some of us, unbeknownst to us opt for the heavy makeup to cover up those facial skin discoloration, bumps, pimples, freckles and marks that we all have, while others keep it basically simple with less volume, which translates to subtle makeup. In this context, using the right blush is essential to your makeup routine. Blush palettes are always the preferred choice, as they are more economical and offer several colors and shades at the same time.

To create a sophisticated look, let your iDitch make up artist try on some peach blush with a matte nude lipstick on your face, to get the trending ‘No makeup – makeup look’. Of course, you can simply brush a pink blush across
the cheeks, a mode regularly employed by our very well vetted professional ” Artisans…

Have our Artisans Accentuate your cheeks with a blush according to the shape of your face by following this detailed guide.

Applying Blush According To Your Face Shape

1. Oval shaped face

If your face is oval shaped, feel free to experiment in any way with blush. Our iDitch Make Up Artist would recommend that you highlight your cheekbones, by starting off at the middle of the apple of your cheeks, and sweeping the brush toward the temples.

2. Round shaped face

If you have a lovely round-shaped face, have our Make-Up Artist # apply blush on your cheeks, by adding some definition and structure to your face shape, by accentuating your cheekbones. If your cheekbones are not visible, you could suck in your cheeks and brush in some blush color at 45-degree angle.

3. Square shaped face

The iDitch Artisan Make-Up Artist ” could soften your jawline, if you have a square face shape, by applying blush in small circles, with more focus on the apple of your cheeks. This trick will make your face look fuller and rounder, by taking the emphasis away from the jawline.

4. Heart shaped face

Those beauties with heart-shaped faces have to have our Artisans apply face blush in circles around the apples of the
cheeks too, and end the strokes by slightly moving the brush upwards towards the temple.

5. Rectangle shaped face

To create the illusion of width, request our iDitch Artisans to balance out the natural length of your face, Request Artisans to try out horizontal strokes of blush on face, and blending it smoothly at the end of the application, for the pop of colors to look as natural as possible. For this method, it is recommended to use subtle and simple colors, instead of bright shades.

meets your cheek at a time. The lighter and closer to your skin tone the color of the blush is, the more natural and blended it would look. Experiment with varied shades and styles, to seek the best option for yourself.

iDitchPro Tip: In case you end up trying to do your own make-up one day…

do not try overdoing the color, all you have to do is pat it in a paper napkin, until the paper absorbs the unnecessary color and you get just what you want!

We give professional advice on our blogs, Other Artisans could use these tips on our blog, to look casually elegant at your workplace or school. This season of peaches and blush, take out those shimmery ethnic wear from your closet, to make some heads turn your way in the next wedding you attend. Give yourself an amazing picture-perfect look, by applying the right tint of blush at the right area of your face. When you master these tricks, you can easily make slim cheeks appear fuller and chubby cheeks slimmer. For various occasions, you can experiment with varied
colors, such as bronze, shades of pink, peach, etc., to go well with your outfit and mood. Follow the recommendations on the iDitch Blog, to get that iDitch professional make up look at the comfort of your home. Use the iDitch App to request a professional to assist you with all your beauty needs, right at the comfort of your home.

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