How to be On Time For Gigs Making Sure That Lateness and No-Shows Are not a Blemish on Your iDitch Tier Ratings.

BY: Grace Nelson (iDitch associate freelance contributor)

As an independent professional service provider, you should aim to be very reliable towards your clients in respect to appointments and time, Artisans who arrive on time for Gigs stand a better chance of referrals and second or multiple call backs. Your business is your life, as if you needed this reminder,… we at iDitch advise that you treat it as such, your source of income that keeps you afloat.
iDitch has a strict policy, when it comes to late arrivals for gigs and no-shows for Gigs…kindly refer to the Artisans Gig attendance policy.
We know things happens in life, so every arrival scenario is not expected to be without a hitch or two, know that you may encounter situations where you may violate the iDitch Gig attendance policies. Per adventure, this is about to happen to you with a booked Gig.
A) Kindly get in touch with iDitch immediately through instant messaging @ theiditchresourceteam informing us of whatever the true analysis is, that is constraining you from arriving on time or on point to the venue of the gig.
B)We in turn would reach out to the client, informing the client that you would be a little behind schedule.
C) This occurrence MUST not transpire more than once every 30 days.
D) You must be disciplined. Know your personal days schedule before agreeing to a booked gig. This is your job, take it seriously…

Tardy absentee Artisans can cost the Artisan money and cost iDitch a good name and money too… lateness to Gig venues can reduce service productivity, causing iDitch sometimes to pay the Artisan for time in which the Artisan didn’t perform work. In some cases, late Artisans may even claim to have arrived early for a gig when they did not.

Causing more service productivity problems.

Our remedy to this scenario is that once the gig timer is set by the Artisan with the consent of the client, before the gig starts, our system records the exact time the timer is set, evaluate it in comparison to the time the Artisan was supposed to have arrived at the gig venue.
It can be startling when you understand how much small increments of lost time can add up over the course of the year to the take home of the Artisan. Time is money they say. Take an example where an Artisan is consistently ten minutes late for a gig and worked twenty days per month all year. This could add up to 40 hours of pay for time not worked annually. Ultimately, the Artisan has lost a week of time that wasn’t spent creating value for their business.

Another result in the above example may include a negative impact to his/her very own personal morale, due to average, below average or dismal tier rating. Punctual Artisans on the other hand get rewarded by proactive tier rating, great feedbacks and accelerated financial growth and growth in the iDitch rating system.

Given the importance of an effective time and punctuality policy to an Artisans business, how can the Artisan help him/her self to do better and create a concrete and effective punctual routine or regimen?.

Create concrete personal time and punctuality rules.

iDitch often finds that it’s effective to institute a formal procedural time and punctuality policy as part of their overall HR guidelines for Artisans. Such a policy should address:
• Disciplining yourself “YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS”. Reevaluate your schedule and map out ways and procedures
that may assist you curb your chronic absenteeism
• How to notify iDitch in advance of lateness to a gig service or a no-show to a gig service.
• Document things, we at iDitch would send reminder messages to you informing you of Gig appointments… to give
you a heads up on preparation for appointment gigs, boost gigs and on-demand gigs. You should document these.
Take time to communicate very well with the client, in detail, the need to adhere to make a consensus appointment for the good of the you and your business and for the good of the client.
Having established personal procedures in place can help an Artisan manage their time very well while reducing the odds that a client will feel a Gig appointment are handled inconsistently or unfairly.

Address problematic lateness issues quickly with client.

Apologize For Your Lateness

Artisans who show up even a little late MUST firstly apologize for their lateness, you very well are hurting your service business more than you realize.
Address your lateness problem quickly, promising that if called back in the future, it would never happen again. Remain professional when explaining reasons for your Lateness to the client.Make it short, concise to the point. Consider offering the client a discount for for your lateness.
Proceed with starting the Gig with professionalism, when Gig is done and ratings and feedbacks are completed, we suggest you start by saying…”Again… I sincerely apologize for my lateness earlier, remember the customer is always right…
This gesture would definitely warm the heart ❤ of your client, and you may get a decent tip.

Do have a happy and productive gig…
Embrace Change…Re-invent your lifestyle… iDitch.

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