i Ditch Safety Guidelines For User Members

i Ditch Safety Guidelines For User Members.

It is important to note a number of safety guidelines put together by iDitch that all practitioners should be following:

• The Gig location where any service is being offered should be clean, in good repair and free from dangerous conditions or hazards.
• Sufficient space with good lighting should be provided to ensure the safety and health of the consumer.
• Hot and cold running water, toilet facilities, and covered containers for paper and waste should be provided.
• State and Province regulations require that a Gig locations settings follow infection control procedures that protect the Artisan and the client. Hand washing is required of all nail care clients, with sanitary cloves used by all ARTISANS, when performing a Gig.
• Tables and work beds used for specialty services should be sanitized/cleaned when performing a Gig for a client.
• All implements that may abrade or clip superficial skin should be immersed in an EPA approved disinfectant for at least 10 minutes and disinfected after each use.
• Porous manicuring and waxing implements such as emery boards, block buffers and waxing sticks and other implements that cannot be disinfected should not be used for more than one person.
• Gloves should be worn by Artisans performing waxing or extractions at all times
• Disposable supplies such as cotton, sponge applicators and paper products should
never be used for more than one person.
• Disposable towels and paper table coverings should only be used as a single-use item.
• Other tools used to provide services should be cleaned, then disinfected after each client, using an EPA-approved disinfectant. These tools include but are not limited to scissors, razors, clippers, combs, brushes, capes and bowls.
The iDitch Client should be able to observe the Artisan performing these duties before specialty services is performed. Your Artisan may meet these requirements by providing a kit for each client and/or disposing of single-use items after each client.

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