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WHY iDitch Technologies Inc?, WHY NOW?…

The iDitchApp was conceived out of an overdue necessity in the Beauty and Men’s Grooming Services industry for change, some sort of change  in this industry that would not just save precious time for Clients/Customers alike, but the Change or solution that would bring an added convenience to the Client,

this change ultimately will add to the revenue intake of the Artisan while giving the Artisan the ability to control their very own time scheduling, business growth and the ability to increase the client base of their independent
business. Some disrupters have ventured into this space, solving  a few facets of the problems.

We at iDitch, through concise research, and with great zeal to solve the totality of the beauty and men’s grooming services problems, (we hope we made a considerabledent), went about building the iDitchApp with one goal in mind, to have very satisfied clients and Artisans, who will vouch to the true solution based iDitch App, on the way it is seamlessly built, with the navigation ease on every level, where the client and Artisans satisfaction is guaranteed by the beauty and men’s grooming services rendered by our professionally vetted Artisans.

In our “on the streets”, and online research we asked the question of what changes or improvements clients would most appreciate implemented in the industry in form of an Application that would be most beneficial to them. Both Men and Women respectively, overwhelmingly said they would like to have a professional service where very well qualified and extensively well vetted Artisans would come to their location, wherever it may be, to render beauty and men’s grooming services. A community where the clients will have the ability to choose an Artisan at the comfort of their home, offices, hotel, anywhere that they were located in real time and contract the professional services of a very well qualified Artisan to either arrive at their location within a few minutes as agreed upon, where the client could book an appointment for a future Gig service or where a destination Gig service could be booked in the not so soon future in another city, state or even country. (The maximum time frame for this Gig being 9 months).

No other disrupters had all these requisites on their platform at the same time, so we decided at iDitch to inculcate all these prerequisite and add some more very well needed platforms to our App and website to give our user members the opportunity to have a totally different experience when they use any of the iDitch electronic online services.

We created….

The iDitch
, where user members can read daily blog postings and get more acquainted with the iDitch brand. We provide information that assist the client to know more about beauty and grooming, whereby little self help procedures can be carried out by the client themselves. Everything in life is not about money, and making a profit. So little things in men’s grooming like shaving are explained in detail on our blogs. You do not have to request an Artisan every time you need to get a shave, you would be able to use our blog platform to educate yourself with daily fresh ideas that we upload several times daily, to keep our user members abreast of critical beauty and men’s grooming information.

It took the iDitch team more than two years to conceptualize, build and implement the iDitch App structure to deal with the ominous problems everybody has been dealing with for years.

From our perspective we believe that the iDitch App has evaluated the majority of the issues encountered by clients everywhere and we are proud of the job that we have done. Now per-adventure, you as a user thinks there are some aspects of the beauty and grooming services that iDitch has not been able to evaluate, improve and work on, if there is or are areas that you will want to see changes implanted upon, kindly send us a well hearted message to newideas@iditch.com and we would get back to you ASAP.

We Created…..

The iDitchtube.com:- This is by far one of our most researched and elaborate platform that we added to the iDitch Technologies Inc. ensemble. We wanted our user members to get the most satisfactory experience once they are logged into any of the iDitch platforms. With the iDitchtube.com, we went about to build a video forum where Artisans and even Clients alike may register and use the platform to advertise their individual skill set in the form of intuitive videos which can be uploaded onto the backend of their accounts.

Their videos must be inclined to showcase beauty and men’s grooming features and procedures outlining the beginning to the end of a particular Gig set.

We will delete and cancel any videos and accounts that showcases anything else that does not in any shape or form has to do with the beauty and men’s grooming industry.


The iDitchtube.com platform may also be used by iDitch user members to generate income, user members may be paid by The iDitch Technologies Incorporated when user members Account has a considerable following and our advertisers utilize the user members account outreach to advertise on the user members designated page.

This here, is an added income in the pocket of the iDitch user members.

We Created….

The iDitch.com/shop page:- This Page is the most interesting to me of all the pages, because it has to do with fashion. The iDitch factories in Bangladesh produces our highest quality iDitch line of Athletic wear, outerwear, casual wear and All purpose wear. We design All of our attires, choose all of our fabrics, and our designers remain a step ahead of the curb in churning out the best designs for our Artisans to wear to their Gig locations.

May I add that these designs are not specifically for Artisans, the iDitch wear is a legitimate fashion brand that any individual can wear on a daily basis, what we had in mind was for our Artisans to arrive at their Gig location looking the best that they can be in the latest iDitch fashion wear presently available in the market.

An Artisan makes a nice official statement appearance when they arrive in an all  iDitch official Gig attire.

There are iDitch accessories on the platform to wet your whistles, our user members are not the only ones that are privy to use the iDitch wear. It is a platform that is open to the entire world. We encourage everyone to check out our iditch.com/shop website. They would discover some very nice everyday wear that would definitely impress them…

Re-invent Your Lifestyles, Embrace Chang……iDitch.

We Created…..

Just for you, our user members, an ultimate experience in beauty and men’s grooming Servicing that is next to nothing, an App like you have never experienced before. our Artisans are wholly dedicated to you the client while they are servicing your Gig service needs.

Download the iDitchApp today and experience excellence in Beauty and Men’s Grooming Gig servicing,..Re-invent Your Lifestyles,…Embrace Change,..Always Remember iDitch is here to revolutionize the beauty and mens grooming industry, making the mundane and redundant simple and concise. #iDitch..ALWAYS GO THE iDitch way…. #iDitchApp, #iDitch.com  Re-invent Your LifestylesEmbrace Change.

WHY iDitch?…

Because we listened to you, and built 

what you asked for, the iDitchApp for YOU….

WHY Now?..

Because what better other time could have been better, but NOW,….



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