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Have you been flirting with the idea of changing the color of your hair?, do you want to color your hair and change your look overnight? When you ponder about coloring styles and hair color

brands, does the word “ammonia” ring any warning bells in your ears? Are you confused or apprehensive by the ammonia-free hair color label on hair coloring products and what it means? Then this post is going to answer all your questions and put your concerns about hair coloring to rest.

Most Artisans and Clients alike are under the impression that all hair coloring products are bad for their hair. They have heard horror stories of itching or burning sensations in the scalp, uneven end results, and a drastic rise in the number of grey hair or hair damage after hair coloring treatments. While this may have happened to many people in the past, there are plenty of brands that have launched hair coloring products that are not as harsh on your hair as the dyes of the past. You can color your hair to your heart’s desire without worrying about any damage. Ammonia-free hair coloring products is the way to go…..REQUEST AMONIA FREE HAIR DYES FROM YOUR iDitch ARTISANS.

In this post you will learn:

  • What ammonia based hair coloring products do to your hair
  • What ammonia-free hair coloring products are
  • 3 reasons why you should use ammonia-free hair coloringproductsWhat Damage does Ammonia-based Hair Colors do to Your Hair?Hair coloring is a chemical reaction in which one or more chemicals in the hair coloring product acts as a swelling agent for the hair cuticle. This helps the hair follicle to absorb the hair coloring product or dye easily and makes the color go deep into

the hair cuticle. In the past, the hair follicle swelling agent used to be ammonia in most hair coloring products.
The resulting hair color from an ammonia-based hair color lasts long and looks vibrant. Since ammonia molecules are small, they evaporate fast and are also easy to rinse after coloring. They also react with the melanin (the color pigment in the hair) to help make the hair lighter. Hair stylists also preferred ammonia-based hair colors it products since it was easy to wash and delivered great results (in the short term).

However, ammonia-based hair coloring products are known to cause plenty of side effects that will be discussed in the later section of this article. But let us introduce you to the world of ammonia-free hair colors.

A simple egg and honey mask can reverse the damage caused by ammonia-based hair dye.

What are Ammonia-free Hair Colors?

Ammonia-free hair colors, as the name Implies, are hair coloring products that are free of ammonia and contain other chemicals that help impart hair color to your hair. These hair coloring products contain emollient oils and other ingredients so that the hair cuticle does not lose moisture or protein during the hair coloring process. The chemicals in these hair coloring products are gentler on the hair and prevent hair damage. By using ammonia-free products from hair coloring brands, you can ensure

that your hair does not get damaged and you can color it without any worries.

3 Reasons to Use Ammonia-free Hair Colors

Many hair dye brands now offer ammonia-free hair coloring products. Here are three reasons why you should switch to ammonia free hair products or opt for these products as an iDitch Artisan instead of ammonia-based hair coloring products:

  • No Itchy Scalp: Ammonia molecules can irritate your scalp causing itchiness or burning sensation in your scalp. Many people have had severe reactions to ammonia-based hair coloring products. If you want to prevent this, opt for the best hair coloring products that are ammonia-free.
  • Healthier Hair: Ammonia disturbs the pH balance of the hair and also causes moisture and protein loss in the hair. So, if you want to maintain healthy hair after coloring, consider using ammonia-free hair coloring products.
  • Say No to Pungent Smell: Ammonia molecules are small and evaporate quickly after application of hair color. This leads to a strong smell when you color your hair. It can irritate your eyes and can make it difficult for you to breathe. Ammonia- free hair products do not have this strong smell and do not irritate your senses.

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Last Words on Ammonia-Free Hair Color

While hair color is relatively more vibrant and long-lasting with ammonia-based hair dye brands, more and more people are opting for ammonia-free hair colors. Hair dye brands are also coming up with ammonia-free hair colors and dyes that are not harsh on your hair. You can also go for an organic hair color if you want to experiment with different colors without affecting the health of your hair negatively.

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