iDitch Community Event

iDitch Community Event

Terms And Conditions
The following terms and conditions (these “Terms of Service”), govern the successful hosting of an iDitch Community Event (the “iDitch Event”).
Once you have submitted your Event Submission Form, The iDitch Community Hosting Team will vet such submission. Should you be approved to host an Event you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before you agree to host your iDitch Event. By submitting the Event Submission Form and/or by clicking to accept or agree to the iDitch Events Terms of Service when this option is made available to you, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these Terms of Service. If you do not want to agree to these
Terms of Service, you must not submit the Event Submission Form or host an iDitch Community Event.
iDitch Host Responsibilities Once you are approved as a host of an Event, you are responsible for the
Venue and Details:
▪ Venue: you should find a venue in your city to accommodate to the date/size/type of event. You should also make sure the venue is covered by appropriate insurance. You must provide evidence of insurance in advance. The iDitch Event Team must approve the venue in advance;
▪ Type of event (workshop,Beauty Bash, Shinding, Rendezvous, Men Grooming Affair, Fete, Other);
▪ Date and time of Event; and
▪ Size (number of attendees you’d like to host).
▪ You should write the copy of invite for The iDitch Team to create and send to prospective attendees. You may also send the invite to your network; and
▪ The iDitch Team would monitor the Eventbrite RSVPs.
▪ You are solely responsible for the promotions of the Event. iDitch shall not be responsible to provide you with
Food/Drinks/Any other Beverages.
▪ You should make arrangements for the order of food/drinks, if not part of the venue package.
▪ iDitch would ship you swag items for the event based on the number
of expected attendees. Swag items are iDitch trademarked products
which would have been pre-ordered by you, from…
▪ You should take pictures and/or video on the day of Event.
▪ High Quality preferred. Videos and pictures can be uploaded o
The Artisan User Member and/or Client User Member have decided to organize an iDitch Event for exposure of their services on the iDitch platform and for monetary gains. Events are good avenues for exposure for the Artisan, and a good way for iDitch clients to meet up with other like minded clients.

All host responsibilities are of the user member.

Tickets to an event could be advertised and sold on the user members profile page. Advertising for the event could also be done on the user Members profile page, on the community page and on the market place.
All tickets sold for an event would be regarded as gigs. (refer to gigs compensation link) . All sales generated by the user member from the gig on our platforms shall be levied with the iDitch fees.
User Members are permitted to sell tickets for their events at the entrance venues, or on the user members social media linked accounts.
iDitch Technologies Inc, and it’s designated affiliates are the only entities that may print and provide hard-copy tickets for events.
Party Relationship
These Terms and Conditions do not create an employer-employee relationship between the parties, nor any agency, joint venture or partnership. Neither Party shall have any authority to act for or to bind the other Party in any way. Each Party shall be an independent contractor event only.
You shall be fully liable to the Event, shall indemnify and hold iDitch,, the iDitch App and its affiliates harmless against any and all claims, demands, damages, liabilities and costs which directly or indirectly result from, or arise in connection with, any negligent act or omission of the host user member, pertaining to your activities and obligations hereunder.
iDitch may terminate this agreement at any time and is under no obligation to host additional events from you.

iDitch Technologies Inc. 2018.


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