Information to assist Artisans conduct successful Gigs


The iDitch Artisans must endeavor to adhere to these few stipulations which would ultimately assist them in providing optimum specialty Gig services.
Creativity. Barbers, hairdressers, aestheticians, and cosmetologists must keep up with the latest trends and be ready to try new hairstyles for their clients.
Customer-service skills. Artisans must be pleasant, friendly, and able to interact with clients in order to retain a robust client base.
Listening skills. Barbers, hairdressers, Aestheticians and cosmetologists should be good listeners. They must listen carefully to what the client wants in order to make sure that the client is happy with the gig result.
Physical stamina. Barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists must be able to stand on their feet for long periods.
Tidiness. Workers must keep a neat personal appearance and keep their work area clean and sanitary. This requirement is necessary for the health and safety of their clients and for making clients comfortable enough so that they will want to have return Gig with the Artisan in the future Time-management skills. Time-management skills are important in scheduling Gig appointments and providing specialty services. For example, routine haircuts do not require the precise timing of some other services, such as applying neutralizers after a permanent wave. Clients who receive timely hair care are more likely to have return Gigs with the same Artisan.

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