Skincare Tips for Men

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How to Get Rid of Oily Skin, Acne and Pimples BY: Grace Nelson (iDitch associate freelance contributor) Highlights   Many men nowadays are consciously worried about their skin, Oily skin is a problem which is faced by many men across this city and around the world. Here are some great oil free recipes to give you […]

i Ditch PRO TIPS

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COSMETOLOGY AND INFECTION CONTROL… What You Need to Know As a cosmetologist, infection control can never be far from your mind, as the responsibility for protecting yourself and your clients from a host of harmful, pathogenic bacteria rests on your shoulders. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant topic covered during your cosmetology education testing, but it is critically […]


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In today’s society, every one of us has this expectation to look presentable every single minute we step outside, especially when we have someone important or new to meet. Some of us, unbeknownst to us opt for the heavy makeup to cover up those facial skin discoloration, bumps, pimples, freckles and marks that we all have, while others keep it […]

9 Types of Facials and the Best Facial for your Skin

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Get Your Esthetician Come to you everywhere and anywhere!!!. Are you looking for Artisans thatgives the best facials, bar none?…. Look no further… Men and Women everywhere desire the same thing; smooth, clear, youthful looking skin. These are some of the key signs of beauty, and radiant, glowing skin can light up your entire appearance. […]

How to be On Time For Gigs Making Sure That Lateness and No-Shows Are not a Blemish on Your iDitch Tier Ratings.

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BY: Grace Nelson (iDitch associate freelance contributor) As an independent professional service provider, you should aim to be very reliable towards your clients in respect to appointments and time, Artisans who arrive on time for Gigs stand a better chance of referrals and second or multiple call backs. Your business is your life, as if you […]

Coconut Oil for Face

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7 Ways to Use it For a Beauty Boost BY: Grace Nelson (iDitch associate freelance contributor) Highlights Coconut Oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties,Coconut Oil a very healthy choice for several health conditions, Coconut oil has a long list of beauty benefits It’s the newest trend to hit the world of beauty and glamour and everyone wants […]