On-Demand Gigs


The iDitch APP


The flow : For CLIENT….


1. Client will download the iDitch App, During registration, Client must input a referral Code number, if Client has no referral code number, Client must click the skip button…Client must input his/her payment information, in form of their Credit or Debit Card details. Client must fill up his/her personal information.

2. When Clients Account has been verified and approved, Client would now become an iDitch User Member. Client will then have total access into his/her iDitch backend platform, the iDitch website, the iDitch App. The Client would be able to select Categories and Sub Categories when the Client is ready to place Gig order services…

3. There are three different kinds of ways to request Gigs…

A) On-Demand Gigs

B) Appointment Gigs

C) Destination Gigs.

D) Client will select these Gigs and it takes the Client to the part where Client can order these Gigs. We have a 4 Click system process…This means that…..

E) From logging in on the iDitch app by the client to chatting either by a) text chat. b)voice chat. or c)video chat….The procedure must not take more than 4 steps for the Client to secure an activated Gig Service……

F) The client goes to On-Demand Gigs, clicks on it and it takes the client to all categories, the client clicks on All Categories, and it prompts the client to sub categories…Client clicks on sub categories and it takes the client to the google map with all the Artisans that offer that particular Gig in that sub-category in the client’s immediate area….(within a 5 mile/km radius, the radius can be changed to 10 mile/km radius, 15 mile/km radius and 20 mile/km radius mile/km away…)the Artisans would show up on the google map….The Artisans (service providers) would be depicted on google map as Green pins when the Artisan is available for Gigs, when the Artisan is chatting and negotiating a Gig service, the Artisan showcases as a Yellow pin, when the Artisan is busy doing Gigs, the Artisan shows on the map as a Green pins still…… The Client will see all the Artisans (Service Providers) close to his/her current location that are available for Gig Services on the Map as per the selected Category/ Subcategory he/she has selected. Client can tap on any Artisans icon (pointer as statue pins on the map) and can see his/her details or profile page of the services the Artisan renders, ratings etc, Star classification, Artisans Name, language the Artisan is fluent in, Artisans Picture image….etc..

G) When the client hovers his/her fingers or cursor on each pin, the pin showcases some of the Artisans profile information…but when the client clicks on the pin, it opens up the Artisans profile page…Here the Client would be able to see the Artisans Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and twitter linked account link and the Client would also be able to text chat, video chat or phone chat with the Artisan…..The Artisans and Clients phone numbers would remain anonymous…..The Artisan and Client May exchange videos, images, pictures..etc…;;

H) Gig Schedule…This is a link at the top right corner of the chat page….

I) Here the Client would click the exact time he/she wants the Gig to start……when the link is clicked the client chooses the day….date
and time, and clicks send…this link is sent to the Artisan…With this, the Artisan knows what time to arrive at the Gig location, and…

J) When the Artisan and Client have reached a pricing agreement for the gig…the Artisan sends the client an invoice, the invoice showcases that Artisan has agreed to the (a) price (b) date and (c) time of the Gig…..the client accepts the invoice…. and it takes the client to the payment area…..

K) The Client agrees to the terms and conditions to the iDitch payment agreements and all the other iDitch agreements as outlined,…The Client makes the payment from the pre stored credit/debit card information or a with a new credit card information….or through PayPal…,.or with the iDitch E-card, or the iDitch prepaid MasterCard.

L) When payment is made, the backend system automatically takes off the 10 percent fee, (or whatever fees are applicable at that moment, due to iDitch as outlined in the iDitch User Agreement brochure). that iDitch charges for Clients/Artisans using our Platform/portal…or platform and…

M) The backend system also prints out 3 receipts…1) for the client…2) for the Artisan….3) for the iDitch records..which would be stored in our backend.

N) If the Artisan or the client used a referral code when registering, the $1USD or 1CANADIAN DOLLAR would also be subtracted from the 10 percent that the iDitch App receives…(Please note that the 1USD that goes towards the referral individual does not come from the payment to the Artisan,….it comes from the iDitch Artisans 10 percent)

O) When the payment has been confirmed as approved, since it is an On-Demand Gig,..THE Artisan and Client both have to click…GIG ACTIVATED…If one of them does not click Gig activated,..the Gig would not start..Once both of them clicks Gig Activated The iDitch App takes the Client to google map, where the Client would be able to see the Artisan coming towards his location, meanwhile the Artisan also sees a clear route to the Client’s location, on his hand held device.

P) The Artisan Now proceeds to go to the Gig location. Before the Artisan gets to the Gig location, a confirmation code is sent to the Artisan and another confirmation code is also sent to the client,..the Artisan must enter the confirmation code in a box on the app, and the client also has to enter the confirmation code on to the box,..with that the gig proceeds,…

Q) When the Artisan arrives at the gig location, before the client opens up to the Artisan, being that the client can see on his/her phone that the Artisan has arrived…..the client is advised to compare the image of the picture on the Artisans profile with the image of the person standing outside their doorstep…making sure that the image on the hand held device and the person standing outside his/her door are identical.

R) Client and Artisan are advised to go through a final analysis of what the gig entails before starting….

S) Now before the Gig starts…Client and Artisan are advised to click the START GIG button….

T) Artisan is also advised to prepare gig area…this information is in the Gig bulletin for the Artisan……Gig area should also have been prepped by Client and all products and tools needed by client would have been placed strategically.

U) When start Gig Button is clicked, a count down clock counts down the pre agreed time that the client and Artisan have both pre determined that the gig would entail….

V) Around 10 minutes to the end of the pre agreed time, a reminder is sent from iDitch on the clients and Artisans phone to remind them that time is almost up for the gig to be finished…with the reminder comes a page requesting if the Artisan or Client needs more time,..3 minutes,5 minutes or 10 minutes extra time to complete the Gig….

W)Any time above 10 minutes must be termed as a NEW GIG, and a REQUEST GIG button or link must be clicked…

X) Or if the gig is going on well, and extra time is not needed, then the Artisan and Client would Click…NO EXTRA TIME NEEDED…THANKS LINK

Y) The 3, 5 or 10 extra minutes is good enough time for any issues with the Gig to be fixed….

Z) Now once the gig is done and the client and Artisan both agree that all is well, the Artisan and Client would Click the Gig FINISHED.

5. Client rates Artisan, Artisan rates Client, Artisan reviews Client, Client reviews Artisan,…and the Artisan clears the work area and departs the Gig location. Tips/Gratuity is discretionary upon the Client..

6. When Artisan is working, as soon as the Artisan gets contracted,…the Artisan automatically would be showcased as a green pin on the google map….

7. The Artisans ability to get a Gig when the pin is green would be temporarily stopped. When the Artisan finishes a Gig the Artisan would again show up on the map as a black pin. There would be THE iDitch color coded intense Gig location,…This explains that locations that have busy Gig calls and requests are coded as GREEN, Areas and locations that show medium Gigs requests are coded YELLOW, and locations with fewer Gig requests are Coded GREY.
(NOTE:- That as the iDitch platform grows in popularity, these numbers will be upgraded as needed.

8. There would be the iDitch panic link button….Once a Gig is ACTIVATED, the iDitch panic link shows up at the top right or top left corner of the App…when it is clicked, it showcases a space for the Artisan to input the names, phone numbers and email addresses of 5 very close family members and friends.

9. When the names are imputed, SAVE must be clicked on the right corner. The location of the Gig, client’s profile page information, the date and time of the Gig would be sent to all 5 Friends and family.

10. The information on the iDitch panic link page can always be edited. And some names can be removed and some new ones added.

11. When the The Artisan clicks GiG STARTS, When he/she arrives at the location of the Gig…the iDitch PANIC BUTTON would now appear…this button, can be pressed when the Artisan or Client feels any form of threat, that they are about to be assaulted or abused. This button stays on, until the end of the Gig and the Gig is considered FINISHED.

12. When the iDitch PANIC button is clicked, by either the Artisan or the Client, it goes directly to the Gig location headquarters home office, and it showcases the location of where the Gig is taking place and the
profile page of whoever pressed the button, either the Artisan or the Client. We, The iDitch Management would now summon the Authorities to go out to where the location of the Gig is, to see what the problem is.

13. The Click of the panic button would also send a message to the 5 friends and family, through email/text mail/SMS of the possibility of there being a problem at the location of the Gig.

14. Two Additional Languages are added to the App, Spanish for our Spanish speaking friends in the USA, and French for the French speaking citizens of Canada.

15. The iDitch Android App is built in the latest Native Technology. Artisans, Clients, User & main Website Web Panels are 100% Mobile Responsive…

16. Integration with Cash PLUS Online Payment Option with Stripe Payment Gateway integrated to accept Payment by Credit Cards, Debit cards, and PayPal…

17. Geo-location feature – The iDitch site and The iDitch App can be used in any country/state/city in the world, when it is finally integrated to do such, nevertheless, for now…(The iDitch App 1.0 will be introduced initially to the CANADIAN AND AMERICAN PUBLIC) The App will be introduced to Other countries in due procedural time.

18. Advanced Auto Backup Features

19. For the first iDitch round of building…iDitch 1.0 App can only be downloaded in the USD, CANADA, MEXICO, AND ALL COUNTRIES IN THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS.

The iDitch Active pricing system, also referred to as The iDitch stream pricing. The iDitch On-demand Boost pricing, or The iDitch time-based pricing is a pricing strategy at which we at iDitch set additional flexible prices for our Artisan service pricing based on the current time of the day and current Client demand in and around the location of the Gig services.

The iDitch App Platform is configured to add additional pricing and prices on the agreed upon price or pricing by both the Client and Artisan based on algorithms that take into account the Gig service time and the Gig Client location request stream status, supply and demand for the iDitch Artisans Services, and other external factors in the marketplace…..

This is signified by the boost rocket at the top of the middle left corner of the client page in the iDitch App…..