Schedule Appointment Gigs


The iDitch APP


The flow : For CLIENT….

SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT GIGS These Gigs are services that run from 3 hours to 30 days…therefore a client may SCHEDULE an APPOINTMENT professional service Gig today that would be performed no later than in 30 days time.

There are two ways to schedule an Appointment Gig….

1) Click on the link…….Schedule Appointment Gig…

2) It takes the user client to the Create or Request Gig Page

3) Fill up the Request Gig Page……

4) Choose Current Location

5) Zip code for USA

6) Or for Canada Postal Code

7) City

8) For Canada City also

9) State or for Canada Province.

Once the Requested Gig is posted, a page opens up to ask……

A) Do you want to schedule appointment with Artisan NOW…..OR

B) Do you want to schedule appointment with Artisan through the Artisan Community.
If you choose (B) it goes to the client’s profile where every Artisan that can provide those professional services outlined would be able to view the Gig request and vie to provide the Gig services, the client can entertain as many Artisan proposals as he/she wishes to entertain, until he/she finds a suitable Artisan that the client is happy with.

Then the client may choose this Artisan.


Choose (A) and then the Client would get to be taken to…..

When this option is chosen, the Client is the one who chooses the Artisan to perform his/her Gig Service from the list of Artisans that are in a 3 or 5 or 7 or 10 mile/km radius from the Clients location…

The Client would…

1) Click on the Schedule appointment Gig on the home page… will take the client to All Categories

2) Click on the chosen Gig on All Categories and it takes you to Sub-Categories

3) Click on the Gigs needed on the sub Category, and it takes the Client to the iDitch Google map…

4) Here All the Artisans that are nearby to the Clients vicinity would be showcased on the map.

5) Click any Artisan that you intend on using for the services you need and the Artisans profile would showcase on your device.

6) Study the Artisans profile, ratings, profile tier, profile feedback comments and profile stars.

7) Study the Artisans social media linked accounts also.

8) If you are satisfied with the information on the Artisan’s profile, then click Chat with Artisan.

9) Here you the client will chat with the Artisan, either by text chat, voice chat or video chat, and negotiate first, on what designs you need on the Gig services you want to procure.

10)Make sure you are satisfied with the answers given to you by the Artisan, ASK QUESTIONS…..It’s YOUR MONEY…YOU MUST BE SATISFIED WITH THE GIG SERVICE PROCURED WHEN IT IS FINISHED. Once you are satisfied that the Artisan can accomplish the Gig service to your satisfaction, then….the time and duration of the gig is agreed upon by the two parties, once agreed upon and pricing with the Artisan is also agreed upon. The two parties MUST concur on the pricing/price of the Gig, then the next step will be to click on the payment tab, that is after the Artisan has sent an invoice to the Client for PAYMENT…..

11)The time and amount of the gig would be automatically transferred from the text chat format to the Gig request, or the page for the Gig request would be clicked on the right top corner, and the Artisan would enter all this information in the space provided. After this, click on Place Gig Order at the right top corner,..

12)Place Gig Order. When the Client receives the invoice from the Artisan, the Client then proceeds to pay the agreed upon amount by the Artisan and the Client.

13)When the amount is paid, The Gig would now be activated…Gig activated.

14)This is when the Client would be able to see the Artisan proceeding towards the clients location on the iDitch Platforms Google map.

15)The Client is notified by the iDitch platform three(3) days before the start date of the Gig. The notice will be sent, in form of an SMS message and an email message.

16)On this day, the Client has the benefit of Gig cancelation with a 25 percent non refundable surcharge

17)When Gig is 48 hours prior to start, Client May cancel Scheduled Gig services with a 50 percent non refundable surcharge.

18)If Client cancels Gig 24 hours before Scheduled Gig date and time, Client is billed and charged a 75 percent surcharge.

19)Client forfeits entire Gig order pricing when/if Client cancels Gig order at anytime or duration past 24 hours before Scheduled Gig Services.

20)As Artisan proceeds to Clients location, a Confirmation text is sent to the Artisan and to the Client.

21)Client must confirm the digits of the confirmation code with the Artisan, to ascertain that indeed the right person is the one on his/her way to the Gig location…

22)When Artisan arrives at the Gig location, Client is advised to compare the person standing on the other side of the Clients doorway, with the picture image of the Artisan on the profile page of the Artisan…

23)After affirmative confirmation by the Client, the Artisan is then allowed to proceed indoors for the Scheduled Appointment Gig to proceed….

The iDitch Active pricing system, also referred to as The iDitch stream pricing. The iDitch On-demand Boost pricing, or The iDitch time-based pricing is a pricing strategy at which we at iDitch set additional flexible prices for our Artisan service pricing based on the current time of the day and current Client demand in and around the location of the Gig services.

The iDitch App Platform is configured to add additional pricing and prices on the agreed upon price or pricing by both the Client and Artisan based on algorithms that take into account the Gig service time and the Gig Client location request stream status, supply and demand for the iDitch Artisans Services, and other external factors in the marketplace…..

This is signified by the boost rocket at the top of the middle left corner of the client page in the iDitch App…..