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iDitch App


When you click on our website on iDitch.com, you may register there, For Artisans, you may also download the app on our website @ iDitch.com, or via our blog page, our podcast page or our forum page and register on our iDitch App.

First, after registration, always make sure that you are Logged on to the iDitch App 24/7, or depending on what hours you desire to get gigs (work).

Second, Go to “Home”, click on create “Gig”, once a gig is created, it would appear under your name and the category/categories that you have chosen.

Third, you may also create a gig for the marketplace and advertise Gigs that you offer.

Place those Gigs in the marketplace with brief but concise illustrations of what your specialty is, how many years you have been certified and engaged in your craft.

Fourth, you may also advertise gigs for the community to browse through, whom are in and around your area, or ten (10) radius miles from your location.

Fifth, you may state that you are ready to do Gigs ASAP, by clicking the “Boost” button.

Sixth, Add other things that are essential to you as a person and would make you stand out in the marketplace.

Seventh, search for the link button, and link your Facebook, and Instagram pages to your profile, and use the link button to link Gigs when creating a gig. When you create a Gig for the marketplace and community, do use the link button facilitated to link your gig/gigs in the marketplace and community with you social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Comming soon!