Sweet Sixteen​

Sweet Sixteen

Planning your Sweet 16 can be a lot of stress, you want to look your best, feel your best, and of course have a great time. Like any teen turning 16 you’re probably really stressing about how to do your hair, makeup, manicure and pedicure for your big celebration. We at the iDitch offers great services to make you look your best for this special day.

When selecting your hair and makeup looks for the day of your Sweet 16 celebration, it’s important to first consider the theme of your party. Since it’s the theme of the party, you’ll probably want hair and makeup that goes along with your chosen theme or is at least inspired by

  1. It will help to bring the theme of your event to life for you and your guests. iDitch experienced artisans are aware of the theme and can articulate your makeup, Pedicure/manicure and hair to match the theme.

One thing that’s super important for any big event is to make sure you still look like yourself!

There’s nothing worse than looking back at pictures and thinking “who is that?”  You’ll want to make sure you look like yourself, but of course, a little extra boost of glam added to your look.

That’s where iDitch is very useful. Our beauty and men’s grooming experts can assist in everything that will make your total look match your personality.

Like many other big events, it’s not a bad idea to do a trial run of your hair and makeup before the actual day of the event. This way if you decide you want to make some changes or adjustments you’re not scrambling or stressing the day of your sweet 16 party. Plus, it gives you time to gather extra inspiration and really make sure you and your trusted iDitch professional Artisans are on the same page with what you’re looking to achieve for your overall hair, nails and makeup look.

Since you’ll likely be dancing and having a blast during your sweet 16 celebration, you’ll want to make sure that your hair and makeup will pass the test and you don’t end up without anything left by the end of the night. Make sure you engage the iDitch Artisans that would be doing your Gigs, enumerate in very detailed form what exactly it is that you need them to accomplish with your looks, the environment and any weather factors that may come into play to ensure your hair and make-up stands up to the test. For this purpose our expert iDitch artisans use products that stands up to the elements like primers, settings sprays and of course hair spray to keep your glamour looks consistent through the entire night Because you’re likely going to have more hair and makeup products on the day of your event, and you’re going to want your skin and hair to be in the best shape possible. It’s important to prep your hair and skin before your big day. This means eating healthy, drinking tons of water, avoiding heated hair styling as much as possible leading up to the event, and doing a good exfoliation. All of these things will play a huge role in your skin and hair’s health for the day of your sweet 16.

The expert Artisans at iDitch can help you to be prepared for the big day. Your make up and hair style depends on you and what you want and like, our Artisans would not impose on you, they would listen attentively to your varied requisites and work with you to give you that hot glamour look that you so desire… all depends on what you like. Our iDitch Artisans May begin your Glam  session by starting with…

  • Primer- you’ll want to start with a good primer so that the makeup goes on smoothly.
  • Foundation- it can be tricky to find the correct foundation to match your skin tone. Always check on your jaw bone! This is the next step in the makeup process. If you want something less heavy a CC/BB cream can be used.
  • Concealer-This needs to be slightly lighter than your skin tone. This goes on after foundation because you might rub it off while applying the foundation. This can be used on eyelids, under eye, and on any blemishes you want to cover up.
  • Setting Powder- You can use a setting powder now. It’s basically a white powder that sets the makeup in place.
  • Contouring/highlighting- contouring helps shape your face and highlighting adds brightness. Contour would need to be a couple shades darker than the skin tone and the highlight would need to be something light and shimmery. Both can be found in cream, liquid, or powder form.
  • Eyeshadow-There are so many wonderful palettes to choose from. Applying the lighter color to the lid and a darker color in the crease.
  • Mascara-There are different colors of mascara to choose from. The most common colors are black and brown. We at iDitch recommend applying to both bottom and top lashes. You can also get a mascara primer but it’s not necessary.
  • Lipstick- There is an ample amount of lipstick out there. we recommend using a primer. Matte lipstick’s staying power is amazing. For your special day, you should request a lipstick with a longer string power on the lips rarely would you ever have to reapply through the evening of your celebration, of course it’s all up to the person wearing the makeup. Makeup is art, you can be wild and crazy with it. Just have fun!


If it is a day party, we would say probably a very light foundation like a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.

Eye makeup should be in natural colors, browns and nudes. Cream sparkle color for the middle of the eye and below the eyebrows. (Highlights)

Please don’t contour. For stage it is fine. Otherwise, don’t do it.

Dark Brown or taupe eyeliner will work for blondes, light brunettes and redheads. You can use a little brown eyeshadow on the eyebrows. Don’t draw on the eyebrows! Brush them up and over.

Pluck only the strays. Thick eyebrows are currently on fleek. Don’t wax or over pluck.

Black eyeliner looks harsh unless you have dark or olive skin. But black mascara is fine. Use a good brand like those that could be found in drug stores, or you may go higher end.

A light blush on the apples of the cheeks. Smile, and find where the cheeks stick out, put the blush on lightly, just onto the apples.

Request a light setting powder to reduce shine and set the makeup. Most of our Artisans love the wax based waterproof hd powder from some high end brands. They may be a little pricey but it lasts and lasts, and won’t rub off.

A warm pink lip with clear or frosted gloss will work. Or if you want to go more red or brown that will work, but finish with a gloss and don’t go matte.

Evening, use a light foundation with coverage. More eye makeup in shimmers, a deeper crease color and a more sparkly highlight, black eyeliner for evening, with black mascara.

False eyelashes are ok if they are not too long. Don’t wear them during the day. Always use mascara after gluing them in, and not before.

A deeper matte lip is pretty in the evening, just don’t go really purple, super hot red or deep wine colors. Deep pinks or brick reds look best.

Our iDitch Artisans can do a little highlighting on the chin, between the brows, on top of the cheeks by the temple and on top of the apples of your cheeks.

A little secret to make everything go on smoothly, is to actually use some soap and a safety razor, and shave your face. (Be careful and go slow!) Marilyn Monroe did this all the time. I’ve done it since age 16 myself. It gives you an unbelievably smooth surface to apply product. Sounds weird, but it works quite well.

A sixteen year old has beauty because she is sixteen, so our very well vetted and trained Artisans would use a lighter touch in general. You usually don’t need much. A sixteen year old should not be loaded up with foundation all over, It is usually used in the places that needs it, and powdered over. Eyeshadow should enhance the eyes, the eyes should be the first thing you see! Even when stage performances happen, Our Artisans try to make sure their clients features are seen, not the makeup.

Same with blush, lipstick and highlights, lighter touches are better. Let your youth and beauty shine through!

Sixteen is a fun age! I hope the party is loads of fun! If you need a band, sorry we cannot help you, but we recommend a good DJ, they cost less than a furlong band.

We wish you a wonderful 16 year birthday, You can only be 16 once in your lifetime

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