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iDitch Technologies Inc.

Ok, I am not one that usually gives reviews on anything, I get my services or products and make sure that it is of great quality and I am done….
But, this time around, I noticed something totally different, I used the iDitch App as one of the first people that were contacted to use the App for their initial procedural testing, and I downloaded the App on my android phone. Days later when I needed a makeup , I registered and I was amazed at the way iDitch places emphasis on the well being and satisfaction of the Client…. this iDitch App
I reside in the SOHO in New York City, the “city”as a New Yorker would say. Registration was seamless and fun. When I finally was logged into the App I had the choice of selecting Artisans that were either 3 or 5 or 7 miles radius away from me. I chose the 3 mile radius distance and immediately after that I could see countless of Artisans that were in and around a 3 mile radius away from my present location. it was interesting, I played around with the App, clicking on different Artisans and chatting with them, and I found out that once I clicked on an Artisan whose scissors sh-owed up as the color black on my phone and we amicably decided not to do any gigs together, the Artisans”scissors” shows up as “green color” meaning that I had chatted with him already. It was exhilarating, anyhow I finally got an Artisan who was pleasing to me, we chatted on text chat and at a point I decided we needed to chat on video, to show her what I really wanted her to do for me. The Artisan was easy to talk to, and we concluded on a pricing for the Gig (job).
It took her less than 20 minutes to get to me, I had informed the doorman at my building that she was coming over, I saw her on my phone as she approached my location and we confirmed each other’s confirmation numbers. She arrived with a beautiful smile on her face, wearing her iDitch sweater, with the word iDitch embossed on it..