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The Importance Of Regular Grooming for Men

By Johnnie Nelson. (Associate Writer)

Whether you are looking to grow your hair or beard out or wanting to keep your look sharp and well-groomed, you need to know how important it is to get regular beard grooming, facials and haircuts. We recommend getting a
trim at least once every two to three weeks, sometimes less if you have been blessed with fast growing follicles. To get rid of the split ends in and around your beard and hair, (Yes split ends….Men have split ends too, just
like women).Having a good beard grooming or haircut on a regular basis will help prevent damaged, tired and flat looking facial hair or the hair on your head. The longest part of your hair is the oldest, it takes the brunt of
any heat or chemical damage and can often leave your hair looking lifeless.

Check out these top reasons put together by our iDitch team for the importance of a regular haircut.

Healthier looking Beard…Happy Man 

Healthy hair is easier to manage and that is a fact! The time that you currently spend styling your hair will be slashed with regular trims, leaving more time on grooming that beard. Trims, not cuts, are regular
essentials,..A trim could be just a tapper fade, or a hair lining…depending on what mood or occasion it is, we recommend getting a quick trim at least once every ten days…

To give you that fresh look, like you just had a real furlong detailed hair cut. Trim is good for your hair…..and for you…

Less Damaged Split Ends….Confident look

Your hair gets damaged over time from heat, sun, sea and chemicals, which in turn lead to split ends and damage. (No surprise here, all Men hair texture do have split ends at one time or the other…) To help overcome this
and protect your hair: always use the right heat protecting products and home hair treatments, your dedicated professional iDitch barber or stylist can provide these services to you and help you out with this. Less split
ends will keep your hair healthier and looking great, and keep you looking nice and fresh….Our iDitch barbers and stylist also give grooming advice to clients on how to groom and maintain a healthy and great looking beard
and hair until your next iDitch Service Gig.

Thicker Hair Illusion…Proud Posture

If you are one of the guys who have thinning or receding hair, then regular trims could be the solution for you. Believe it or not but cutting off those wispy ends could trick people in thinking that your hair is thicker and more
even than it actually is….Our iDitch Artisan have skills beyond compare in reversing the look of thinning, receding and tired hair, to that vibrant, full and healthy hair that you always wanted…Embrace Change and Reinvent
your lifestyle.

Maintain Shape and Style…..Simple and Manageable

The one accessory that you can’t change every day is your hair, if it doesn’t suit your face shape then you probably won’t feel as confident as you should. Regular trims will allow for better styling, we at iDitch aren’t saying
that you shouldn’t try new styles but always run the idea past your professional iDitch Artisan, explain your mood, and what it is you want to archive (and don’t change your mind mid trim)…Very important.

Other Factors to Consider…Before it’s gone

Keep your beard and hair always clean, nutritional and full of natural oils with the use of high quality shampoos, conditioners and treatments. If you want to keep that fresh iDitch look, make sure that you are using sulphate
and parabin free products as they won’t dry your hair or scalp out.

We at iDitch have said it before and we will say it again, always be honest, straight forward and concise with your iDitch barber or stylist and ask for hair care advice. Like any relationship….communication is key…spend
time to talk things over, even after the Gig is booked and the Artisan has arrived at the Gig location…Our iDitch Artisans are professional experts and deal with different shapes, styles, textures and colors of hair and beard
every day. The best way to achieve that iDitch style look is to invest in some good salon products, don’t be frugal when it comes to your beard care and hair care as once it’s gone, it’s gone. Enjoy iDitch.

Embrace change, Re-invent your lifestyle iDitch App. 

The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the Author CECILIA J JONES.

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